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Old Navy for the Win

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Okay, so the secret's out. Old Navy knows what's up this season. 

I got word the other day from a blog that I follow, LookLingerLove, that Old Navy had some seriously cute little fox and kitty shoes perfect for Olive sized feet and that unless I wanted to hear about how I dropped the ball all season I better hurry over there. So we did. (We're rule followers in our family.) Now you know how sometimes when you walk into a store it just clicks. You're mixing, matching and suddenly you've created a whole new wardrobe in your head. Love it when that happens. From adorable jackets to bold striped dress and faux leather leggings to colored suede booties, they have got you covered this season. Best part? They're having a HUGE sale right now. Up to 50% off now until Wednesday!

I was instantly drawn to this bold striped dress. It's the perfect staple piece. Easy to dress up with this blazer or keep it casual with this oxblood varsity jacket. Personally, I'm partial to this combo. I love the mixing of styles if you will. The bold, crisp stripes with the (kind of) edgy varsity jacket. But maybe that's because I'm just such a rebel like that. Of course, no outfit would be complete without accessories so I paired this ensemble with our Darcy necklaceAdara crystal bracelet, and sweet little Minnie bow earrings from our November Collection. It tied everything together swimmingly, I think!

So all in all, Olive scored some shoes and I scored this outfit. It was a win/win! 

                                                   Photography by Sukilynn