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Fourth of July

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The 4th of July is actually one of my favorite holidays. I can't help but feel a sense of pride for our country and be overwhelming grateful for the sacrifices so many men and women have made to give us the freedom we have. Freedom is such a beautiful thing. I hope I never take that for granted. 

Every fourth we celebrate by participating in a 4th of July parade. The past couple of years we have pulled the kids in our Red Ryder wagons and decked them out from top to bottom.  Now, not to brag or anything, but we've kind of won best decorations the past couple of years. This sounds fun and all, but unfortunately every year they keep raising the bar for us. This past week we've been scrambling trying to figure out what we were going to do until my sister-in-law came up with the most brilliant idea. Forget the kiddie wagons. We're going Monster Trucks. No, I'm not kidding. The proof will be on my Instagram Friday morning. 

Whatever you may be doing this 4th, I hope that you are able to relax and enjoy. Eat too much ice cream, soak up some rays, and wear your red, white, and blue proudly! 

Shirt: TJMaxx (but similar here) // Shorts: JCrew // Shoes: Target // Baubles: Accessory Jane // Ampersand Ring: Accessory Jane // Sunnies: Forever 21 // Ice Cream: Sweet Firefly