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Mom Knows Best

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Why is it that Moms are always right? Apparently it must be a law of nature. I'm 28 years old and turns out my mom still knows best. Recently she surprised me with this dress. This dress was a step outside my norm, but she insisted I give it a try. Like any good daughter I did. Turns out she was right. 

With this bold print I knew I needed to go big and neutral with my accessories. I even decided to layer the necklaces to give it that extra pop. Anytime you wear a busy print or texture it's important to keep your accessories simple (clear, gold, or black) and big enough to be noticed, without overtaking the print. 

So here's to Moms and prints everywhere - thank you!

Dress: Flying Tomato // Accessories: Accessory Jane // Hat: H&M // Shoes: Forever 21