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when in doubt, vacation.

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"Children are not a distraction from important work. They are the most important work."

This week was hard for me to do. Although I got all work done prior to leaving, I still felt like there were a million and one things I could have been/should have been doing this week. Sound familiar?? Thankfully I threw all reason out the window and before I knew it, Olive and I were 30,0000 feet in the air and on our way to New Haven, CT to watch my niece and nephew for a week while my brother and sister-in-law went to Turks & Caicos to photograph a wedding.  

This week I anticipated a lot of fun, loads of ridiculousness, little to no sleep, enough junk food to cover me for the year, and a fair amount of anxiety from being away from the office. What I wasn't expecting was just how revitalizing this week was going to be for my soul. That's right, a week with 3 kids in a new city was just what the doctor should have ordered!

There are times as a parent where I think I get so bogged down in the day to day routines and hustle and bustle of work that I forget to let go and live a little. But there was just something about being out here that changed me. Maybe it was the allure of the orchard fields or the historic buildings of Yale or the serene Rhode Island beaches that captivated me or maybe it was just getting away and getting back to my roots that reminded me to just be where I was and enjoy this precious little life. Whatever it was, it was amazing...

So I leave this week a little bit wiser and with a whole new mantra. When in doubt, vacation. Profound, huh?  ;)

The truth is this vacation has changed me a little . It's reminded me of the importance of letting go every once and awhile and living it up!  Sounds simple...but it's not! But from here on out, I'm giving you permission! Go vacation! Even if it's just for a day, even if you stay home all day. Just be and just enjoy. See how it changes you too! 

The most important gifts you can give are your love, time, and attention. Life goes by too fast, enjoy the moments you have with your loved ones. 

(Scroll through to see what outfits I packed in my carry on and how I used 8 pieces and a handful of accessories to get a week's worth of different looks!)

Baubles: Accessory Jane//Chambray Shirt: H&M//Jeans: JBrand//Silk White Crop Top: H&M//Olive Drawstring Shorts: Old Navy//Black Shorts: JCrew//Black Maxi: Target//Tie Dye Maxi: Cynthia Rowley