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Has it been awhile? I feel like its been awhile. Scratch that, I know it's been awhile. In my mind I've had numerous blog posts. Telling you all about my latest ventures, things I've learned and sharing all my ridiculous moments along the way. Too bad my head is where all of those posts stayed. Trust me, you would loved them all!

Thing is, this blog has actually been a source of frustration for me lately. I've had so much I've wanted to share, but haven't known how to share it. I've realized that I haven't quite figured out my voice on this little blog of mine. Where is the line of business and TMI?  Not wanting to be labeled crazy TMI girl, I've erred more on the safe side. But lately God has been reminding me that he made me personal and an open book for a reason. So here I am! I discovered that what I really want is for this blog to be more than just fashion finds and style tips. I want it to be a place where we share life. I want y'all to know me. I'm the accessory girl, a mom, and an avid dreamer. That's my life and those are my passions. I hope that this blog can eventually be a source of authenticity and inspiration for you. 

With that said, let me just tell you that my life is crazy. A beautiful, wonderful, drives me insane kind of crazy. And lately it has been a little bit more crazy than the usual crazy. From funerals, to birthday parties, to engagement parties, to family staying in town, to trying to get way ahead in work because of some changes in schedule, to website deadlines and to Olive getting out of school for the summer (aka now being with me 24/7). There has been a lot. In an interview I did with the{well} I mentioned that my biggest struggle was balance. Balance in giving Accessory Jane my best, but not all of me. Remembering that God also made me a mom, and both of those are very important, time demanding things.

SOO…what I'm doing is asking y'all for a little bit of G-R-A-C-E! Grace as I give myself time to recalibrate, get the website up, and get my sanity back (for everyone's sake)

Prayers Appreciated…no seriously… :)

So here's to chasing our dreams together!!

"So let's not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up." Galatians 6:9