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Summer Styles to Try: The Crop Top

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Every time a new trend comes around I get an overwhelming sense of mixed emotions. I feel excited and inspired while at the same time fully questioning the fashion gurus' decision on this one. I instantly imagine all the ways this trend could go wrong, but always find myself determined to find a way to make it work! 

With that said, let me introduce you to my friend the crop top! At first, I was hesitant, swore I'd never. Me in a tight cropped top with a midriff showing, no thank you. (Talk about a girl's biggest insecurity.) Then of course it happened...I saw the loose fit crops with high waisted pants. Sold! 

Something I've learned in fashion is you always have to find what works for you. You've got to be comfort and confident in what you wear and how you look. That's key! As women, I think we get the meaning of this mixed up. It's not saying that you're perfect, it's saying that you know who you are. So wear CONFIDENCE!