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Summer Styles to Try: The Jumpsuit.

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I always think it's so funny how every time I say "never" to a trend, I almost always end up not only wearing it, but loving it! Somehow I got caught up in this cycle again…thank you jumpsuits!

The thing I've learned is that it's all in the way you view the trend. See someone take it crazy girl direction, your immediately turned off. See someone wear it right and in a way that fits your style, it gives you just the confidence you need to give it a try. That's why Pinterest is just so amazing. It helps give you just the vision you need. 

So now that I am officially a jumpsuit girl, let me tell you why I love this trend. It's easy. It's comfortable. It's a basic. And it can be styled in so many different ways. It's a win, win, win! Here are a few of my Pinterest inspirations for the jumpsuit! 

Jumpsuit: Cynthia Rowley / Accessories: Accessory Jane / Shoes: Guess