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Something that I have loved about my journey with Accessory Jane is seeing all the things I've been able to do that I would've never thought possible. It has challenged me, inspired me, and pushed me WAY past my comfort zone more times than I can count, ha. This shoot was one of those times….embarrassing and exhilarating all at the same time...

Before I started Accessory Jane I would always look at other bloggers posts and awe over the ease and perfection of all their pictures, but what you don't see is everything that goes into those pictures. You don't see the 50 retakes, picture edits, or countless number of people you have just staring at you weirdly while you take these pictures. It's hard to act "natural" under those conditions, trust me!

BUT I love that it has taught me to not worry about what other people think, and to just be myself! There is so much freedom and joy when you just let go and embrace who God made you! I love what I do. I love the ways my job challenges me to be a better person. In an environment that constantly tempts you to compare, choose to celebrate you! 

Skirt:H&M/Top:H&M/Sweater:Gap/Shoes:Target/Baubles: Accessory Jane