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4 Ways to Wear the Blanket Scarf

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The blanket scarf is all the rage this season and it's easy to see why. In many ways, it's the ultimate accessory adding style and warm to any outfit. But what makes the blanket scarf so different than a regular scarf? A few selling factors in my opinion. 1) It's a square (allowing you to tie and wear your scarf in more ways) 2) it's generally made out of a softer, more comfortable fabric, and 3) it's so big that it can literally tie over as a blanket! See, win-win-win! Today I'm sharing 4 of my favorite ways to wear the blanket scarf. (PLUS a video tutorial at the end)

1. The Pull Over

Fold the scarf in half, creating a rectangle. Bring the scarf around your neck, leaving one side slightly longer than the other. Grab the top corner from the side that is longer, pull it over to the other side and tuck under the scarf (be sure to tuck it enough so that is doesn't slip back down). Then repeat with the other side of scarf. 

2. The Regular Wrap Around (European Style)

First take the scarf and bunch it up so it becomes a much fuller version of the regular scarf. Then bring around neck leaving one end short. Then wrap the long end around neck and viola! You have the rich, full, European look going!

3. Long and Lean

Start with scarf folded into a triangle then bunch it up and place around neck. Nice and easy way to sleek things up. 

4. The Blanket Jacket

Fold into a triangle, wrap around your shoulder and wear this scarf as a jacket. Can also be tied with a belt for added texture and style!

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Still a little confused? Check out this super easy, less intimidating way I discovered to wear the scarf: