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The Perfect Mascara

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When it comes to primping, every girl has their favorite beauty secrets and today I am sharing my latest obsession. No matter how old I get one of my favorites things is getting ready for big events. Turn on some jams, pour a glass of my fruit infused water (some of my fav recipes) and start primping. 

For me, it all about the eyes, especially those eyelashes. I was always in search of that perfect mascara. Recently a sweet friend introduced me to Younique Mascara. I have been amazed to see the results of this product. You get the look of lash extensions without the cost or hassle. And best of all, there's no risk of damage to your eyelashes! At only $29, I'm convinced every girl needs this little secret in their makeup bag!

When you order Younique it comes in this cute little case with two tubes of mascara. Applying is simple and the lashes are extraordinary. And now the three steps (gel + fiber +gel) are so routine I don't even bat a long eyelash at them!

Here's how to apply:

1) Apply a coat of the Transplanting Gel

2) Apply a coat of the Natural Fiber Lashes

3) Finally seal with a coat of the Transplanting gel again.

To order your Younique mascara, click here or contact my friend, Kelly, at to shop more of the Younique collection!

Inner beauty is great but a little mascara never hurts