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Leopard Tops & Rain Drops

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Oh Texas. How I love your spontaneous and unpredictable weather. You somehow always know just how to keep my life exciting. Last Thursday was certainly no exception. My sweet friend, Andi of OurBeauMonde and I headed out for a night of back-to-back events. With enough excitement and business cards to give the whole state of Texas, we couldn't wait to attend the JBrand Fashion Show at Tootsies hosted by Circle Seven Five followed by Thursday Therapy's 5th Anniversary Celebration!

After an hour and a half of traffic,  power outages, and a hail storm, we didn't make it to either event, but we did take advantage of the gorgeous sunset and snapped a few pictures on the side of the road. Plus we got an extra dose of girl time in. It was still a win in my book. 

I decided to keep my look for the night simple with bold accents. I recently picked up this top at H&M. I loved the accent of the short leather sleeves on the leopard top. Perfect for Fall time in Texas. This Oxblood clutch from Free People is such a deal, three pieces for one price. And the scene stealer is one of our best sellers, the Manhattan Crystal Cluster Necklace. So versatile and the perfect piece to make any outfit spectacular!  We love it casual or dressy.

So yes, you won this round Texas weather. But you know how it goes when you are with one of your blogger girls, when life hands you lemons…just smile and take pictures!

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