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A New Series: Fall Party

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Who knew that two years ago when I started Accessory Jane that this company of mine would completely change my life. I've had some of the most surreal, humbling, hilarious, pee in my pants moments I could ever imagine. But one of my favorite things has been the genuine friends that I have made along the way!

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to meet up with Andi of OurBeauMonde and Anna of Fleurdille. All being business owners, bloggers,  and most importantly mommies, we instantly clicked…and started brainstorming. A goal of ours as working/blogging moms has always been to make this journey as special and fun for our little ones as it was for us! That's when we decided to team up and start a new on-going series of real life, easy-to-do party ideas to enjoy life's special moments. Because life is always worth celebrating! 

With Fall finally here it didn't take much for the ideas to start rolling in. Andi offered up her, pinch me it's so cute, pint-sized farm table and wine barrel, I painted some pumpkins, arranged some florals and Anna brought the goodies.  There was a serve yourself candy bar, carmel apples, mini hayride and storybook perfect fall swing.  Our crazy Texas weather decided to be good to us and my little Madeline and I were blessed to make some truly sweet memories!

Another nice surprise was how well our Alice necklace paired with this J Crew gingham shirt (now on sale)!  Lots of color that settled into the pattern without being over the top. 

Comment and tell us some of your favorite Fall party ideas!! For more inspiration be sure to check out our Fall Pinterest board!