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Makeup Makeover: A Lesson with Tracy Melton

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Tracy wearing the Hazel necklace // Liz wearing the Melanie necklace

If you're anything like me, there are just some habits you formed that you don't know exactly how they got there, they're just there. Such is the case with me and makeup. I've always loved makeup and admired the art of it, but my problem was I never learned how to properly apply the right makeup to my face. Because just like clothes, not every brand or color 'fits' the same on everybody. Makes sense, right?

So when I found out my friend Tracy Melton was now offering makeup lessons, you better believe I begged and asked her to squeeze me in ASAP. Homegirl needed a little help!
From application techniques to color tone analysis, Tracy helped me pick out just the right products and made sure I learned how to properly apply. This lesson was definitely a game changer and my face thanks you! :)

Press play for a little peek inside my one-on-one make-up lesson with Tracy Melton Artistry! Want to get in on the fun? Treat yourself to a makeup makeover! Email Tracy for more information at! 

** Video by the amazing & talented Amanda Marie Photography