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Llama Mama + Daughter

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Between managing Accessory Jane and being a single mom, we are constantly on the go! Olive has had to learn to be my special little helper at times. I say little helper, but truth be told, this little girl is already a business woman! She is so confident, tells everyone she knows about Accessory Jane, and tries to accessorize every human, animal, doll, toy within a 5 mile radius of her. What can I say? She's my girl! What I love and treasure about her and this stage that she's in is she always wants to be like Mama. (I'm fully aware this won't always be the case, but for the time being, you better believe I am taking full advantage!) The other day Olive saw this necklace in my office and shouted "Llama Mama!" It instantly got coined as our Mama/Daughta (as we like to call it) necklace! So what did we do next? Take pictures of course! She knows the drill :)

Sometimes it's the little things like sharing a necklace together that make these moments so special. What are some of your favorite memories like this with your mom or your child?